“Finn the half-Great was just that.  Greater than some and less than others, he made his way in the world as best he could...”

Ireland’s most beloved hero, Finn McCool, stands fourteen feet tall and thinks he is the biggest thing on the Emerald Isle.  That is, until he ventures outside his childhood valley.  Finn soon discovers that ancient Britain is a land of Giants, dragons, wizards and men, in which he is only one little fellow.
Despite treating those about him as decently as he can, Finn finds he has enemies all over.  Even before he was born, cruel creatures known as the Frost Giants killed Finn’s dad, who was a Giant, and tried to do away with his mum, a mortal woman.  When Finn grows up and hears of the unpleasantness that befell his parents, his first order of business is to seek out the Frost Giants and take revenge.

In later years, Finn becomes a calmer chap, living in idle bliss on his hill, known as Knockmany, with his beloved wife, Oonagh.  But Finn the half-Great’s troubles are not over.  Ireland and all of Britain are being overrun by mortal men, who have no patience for bigger fellows like Finn.  When Knockmany is attacked by humans and Oonagh is kidnapped by their leader, Jack in the Green, Finn sets out to rally Britain’s remaining Giants and bring her back.

“There were Giants in the earth in those days, and also after that...”


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